Benefits of Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy

Sport and remedial massage therapy will treat the soft tissues of the body, so muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia through a range of massage and manual techniques. Many people can benefit from massage, whether a competitive athlete aiming to keep their muscles and tissues in good condition, to athletes and/or gym goers with sporting injures, or those who have developed aches and pains through occupation, lifestyle or posture.

Sometimes muscles are held in certain ways due to adaptions through lifestyles, occupations and sporting factors. This in turn causes the surrounding and opposing muscles to work in an abnormal way, putting more of a strain on these muscles and soft tissues, putting them at risk of potential injuries in the future. Massage will help to treat the problematic area, the cause and any knock on effects this may have caused on the surrounding muscles.

Massage will help with those aches, pains and injuries, by increasing the blood circulation to the area, reducing adhesions and scar tissue, realigning the muscle fibers and then followed up by the correct exercises to complement the massage therapy.

Massage for athletes will help to enhance recovery from training, helping with fatigue and flushing out waste products and help to generally keep the soft tissues of the body in a healthy condition to avoid those niggles and potential problematic areas, so also helping to prevent any potential injuries form arising. See below for a summary of the benefits of sport and remedial massage therapy.

There are many benefits for a sports an remedial massage on the body